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The Beach Bum’s Story:


Beach Bums’ Founders (from left to right) Prem Persaud, Rachael Manzanares, Jess Bakaylar, and Dominic Nelson

Who We Are:

We met playing beach volleyball right here in St. Petersburg, FL. Our shared love for the game inspired us to start hosting tournaments in one of our favorite local spots, Gulfport FL, in late 2013. Within a few months we had expanded to 50 teams, and moving into 2017, we are hosting over 250 teams on a monthly basis.

What Make s Us Different?

Several things make us stand out from other beach volleyball tournaments.  We pride ourselves in our atmosphere. Our games are self-refed, and we except only fair play and good sportsmanship in order to participate.  Having self-refed games brings a two-fold effect: It brings the competitors together during the games, increased interactions between players helps build the comradery and respect for one another. It also gives our players time in-between matches to not only warm up and prepare for their next match, but allows them socialize with other players, sponsors, and enjoy the local attractions: shops, bars and restaurants.

Our tournaments are all about fun! Each tournament has a different theme, which includes a costume contest, and we raise money for a different local charity or cause at each event as well.  Since our start we have raised nearly $40,000 for local charities and people in need!  We offer prizes for ALL divisions of play, and we have constant give-a-ways, throughout the day.  We have professional audio equipment running down the beach, playing music, announcing game times, announcing charity and sponsorship information all day long. Our unique schedule allow for us to essentially run two tournaments in one day for our Saturday events. We have a morning session and an evening session, allowing players to get in some games and get to work, or stay and play all day!

What It Means To Be A Beach Bum:

We pride ourselves in the community we have built over the years and we consider everyone who has stepped into the sand at one of our tournaments a Beach Bum.  Our tournaments are a great way to meet new people, while enjoying the sport you love, and supporting a great cause.  Both our Facebook page and group are VERY active with people posting when and where to play, planning for groups to attend local events (volleyball and non-volleyball related), sharing local charity information and sharing all things volleyball related.  Our players are a close knit community who are constantly helping people new to the area or new to the sport, get involved in any way they can.

Our Mission:

The Tampa Bay Beach Bums are working to be the driving force of beach volleyball in the Tampa Bay area.  We want to encourage participation in the sport in every way possible and promote fun and fair play well beyond the sands on our courts.  Our vision is to create a community with open doors for beach volleyball players of ALL levels.  We want to bring together GREAT people, to enjoy a GREAT sport, and give back to GREAT local causes!   Become a Beach Bum today as a player, a sponsor, or a featured charity and help us advance public awareness of beach volleyball in Tampa Bay and build a stronger and more beautiful Tampa Bay in every way.